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What we are giving you today is just a list of the bands that are playing Saskatoon Screamfest III (NIGHT #1) / Saskatoon Screamfest III in no particular order. We will be unveiling which bands will be playing what night over the next while, as well as explaining a bit about why they were a good fit this year. 
We hope everyone likes what we've come up with for 2017 - and we can't wait for our first multi night year!

Untimely Demise , Lavagoat , Hell Hounds , Wrathed , Between Now and Then , ChronoBot , In Ruin , Thalass , Agony Spawn , Scythra , Northern Fallout

Just when you thought there was only Metal Festivals in Western Canada ,Your wrong there's one in  Saskatoon,Canada.called, Saskatoon Screamfest organizers released the official date of the 2017 event this Friday, as well as a deadline for band submissions.  The announcement comes with a note of urgency, encouraging all Saskatchewan metal bands of any kind to get their submissions in.

In many ways, Saskatoon Screamfest has stayed close to its roots.  In their routine fashion, they will be holding the fest on October 28th, the closest Friday to Halloween; and it will be at Louis' in Saskatoon.  Bands from all over Saskatchewan have made their attempt at getting involved.

  “ The submissions are really rolling in, and we couldn’t be more excited to narrow this year’s lineup down.  This province is swelling with heavy metal ingenuity, and we can’t wait to get the word out ”,

says mini-fest organizer Dan Brown. The deadline for band submissions is March 31st.

Organizers hope to confirm the lineup, and release ticket pricing within the two weeks following submissions closing. Tickets are expected to go on sale by early May, but the prices are TBA.  For band submissions or any other information contact  Application forms are available on the Saskatoon Screamfest Facebook page, or via the Pure Rock Radio website