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Dark Originn

Dark Originn was formed in July of 2016 from the ashes of a previous band Don Clark and Mike Hales had formed when they first met in 2011. After several years of line up changes and life changes the stars finally aligned. They took to the stage for the first time in 2016 with their new guitarist Chris Robertson and Dave Zmudd on drums, Don Clark on vocals and Mike Hales on bass. Based in New Westminster, though all band members are from various locations in the Lower Mainland they're more than seasoned dudes just banging out metal cliches/covers/wanking. All originals, dark thrash metal with elements of their influences, experience, aggression, motivated by the state of the world's slow decline into madness to shake the shit out of people's brains.

A very original and unique act, consisting of men who have Originns of dark pasts, overcoming trials in life that would have defeated lesser beings. Survivors of childhood traumas, growing up dealing with insane upbringings, abusive and absent family, deaths, abandonment, addictions... everything life can sling at you. Life is too short for fuckery and this band is the continuation and perseverance of a group of men who are defiantly holding high their banner of survival and their flag of defiance. Been bloodied, beaten but unbowed, undefeated and forever indomitable. We are the real deal. From hours to months to years of hard work in rehearsal, their own money, time, blood, sweat and tears sacrificed to the metal gods. Time spent on honing their irreplaceable talents, to be the be able to perform the sounds of Dark Originn at their fullest potential. With new ground being broken in their musical journey, a stage show of high aggressive energy and a metal style that punches you in the face, you'll want to stay posted as these heavy hitters are going places!