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Shawn from the Concrete Wasteland podcast here to bring to you a few more reviews...

It's Shawn of the Concrete Wasteland podcast again for a review of an effort brought on by another Canadian underground artist. This week's pick? None other than the 2013 release "When the Ravens Return" by Gales of Avalon. 

I love the concept that these guys bring to our metal scene. These guys combine Black and Doom metal reminiscent of Opeth, while adding in some not so subtle Celtic influences to their music and what I could only describe as 90's alt rock vocals in sections. I like to reward creativity whenever possible and these guys are a very unique band for sure. The instrumentals are strong once you realise how they do things, and the low harsh vocals are spot on. A way better release than their debut for sure!

Now I wish that I had seen them live after reviewing this album because I have some potent gripes about it as well. Throughout the entire album, while the low harsh vocals are strong and very much enhance the album, the other two vocal styles I hear are rather weak compared to present day. The lower clean vocal, and the higher register vocals come off forced, and worse yet even silly in sections and it made it very difficult for me to fully enjoy this like I should have. 
I'm rating this a 5.5/10 because I've heard what they can do now, and it's way better. This on the whole just sounded like they were trying to work the kinks out of trying something new. I can only expect much better things from them in the future from here on out. Good try boys! The next one will be better.  

This week's pick that I have for you ladies and gentlemen is the brutal and carnal 2017 EP release "Three Kings" by the mighty Plaguebringer.

How do you describe what just assaulted my ear drums for the last 20 minutes or so? Absolutely savage, brutal, visceral maybe? I have no idea; but the flow is amazing, the stringed instruments are crushing and the drums are on point, and the vocals carry enough versatility to keep my attention long enough to truly appreciate everything happening. Then pair that with an engineer who clearly knows what he's doing, and you've got yourself a release that can stay on repeat for hours without you even noticing. 
I really had to split some hairs to find something to dislike, but I did wish that since they advertised themselves on bandcamp as a progressive band, that I could have heard some slightly more left field stuff. With apparent labels aside, you've got a damn near flawless record that I happily repeated many times before writing this. 
I'm rating this a 9.5 out of 10 because like Unbeheld and Without Mercy, this release is damn near perfect. Fans of the Black Dahlia Murder will love this just as much as I did!